Kuldip Kaur About the Book

About the Book

The present publication is a comprehensive survey of orphanages of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions. It examined the access status of education among orphan children residing in orphanages. Three types of institutions have been found imparting education to children of selected orphanages: (i) education within the campus of orphanage; (ii) private and (iii) government schools. Secular, religious and skilled orientation types of education in formal and non formal way of teaching have been imparted to orphan children. Primary and secondary data was collected from the managers/ head of the orphanages as well as from children residing in orphanages. In total, 33 orphanages and 1915 children residing in them were selected for getting information through structured questionnaire. However, the implication of the study reveals further scope of replication on a large scale for educational improvement of children residing in orphanages by considering the provision of RTE Act (2000).