Besides covering its research projects, seminars, lecture series, training courses in all its dimensions, the publications cover diverse areas consisting of society and culture, health, population, informal sector, agrarian conditions, science and technology, local governance, labour, etc. relations in a multi-disciplinary social science framework. Monographs, reports and books brought out by the Centre are based on in-house research conducted at the Centre, contributions by faculty as well as eminent guest scholars, compilation of papers presented at various conferences and seminars, and lecture series etc. organised by the Centre in Chandigarh and elsewhere. These publications have been widely acclaimed and extensively reviewed in the press and academic world outside CRRID. Given below is the list of CRRID publications, excluding unpriced Reports, Occasional as well as Discussion Papers. Recently, Planning Commission, Government of India, New Delhi, and University Grants Commission, India, New Delhi have published some CRRID reports. Some of these reports are also available on the web and can be down loaded free of cost.


  • Structural Adjustments in Agricultural Sector for Growth, 1994, pp. 104, Rs. 145/-  S.S. Johl
  • Post Green Revolution Rural Punjab A : Profile of Economic & Socio-cultural Change, 1997, pp. 157, Rs.195/-   B.L. Abbi and Kesar Singh
  • Ecological Agriculture and Sustainable Development, 1998, Volumes I, pp.688, Rs.995/-  G.S. Dhaliwal, N.S. Randhawa & Others
  • Ecological Agriculture and Sustainable Development, 1998, Volumes II, pp.716, Rs.995/-  G.S. Dhaliwal, N.S. Randhawa & Others
  • Future of Agriculture in Punjab (Ed.), 2002, pp. 260 , Rs. 295 /-  S.S. Johl and S.K Ray
  • Contract Farming System in Punjab: An Appraisal, 2008, pp.101.   B.K. Pattanaik, Kesar Singh, Sukhwinder Singh and Madan Mohan Singh


  • Education in India (1781-1985) Policies, Planning & Implementation, 1985, pp. 543, Rs. 280/-   Kuldip Kaur
  • Madrasa Education in India: A Study of its Past & Present, 1990, pp. 497, Rs. 350/-   Kuldip Kaur
  • Higher Education in India (1981-2003), pp. 617,   Kuldip Kaur, UGC, New Delhi and CRRID, Chandigarh


  • Badalta Rukh (Poems in Hindi), 1997, pp. 48, Rs. 45/-   Neerja Chathley
  • Zarkhez Mitti (Poems in Punjabi), 1996, pp. 52, Rs. 80/-   Kesar Singh
  • Contemplations of the Human Conditions: Selected Writings, Speeches and Letters P N Haskar , Haksar Memorial Volume I, 2004, pp.420, Rs.1,345/- Subrata Banerjee, ed.
  • Relevance of Tagore in Contemporary India, 2013, pp. 162, Rs.495/- Krishan Chand, Ed.

Migration and Employment

  • Urban Informal Manufacturing Sector, 1997, pp. 114, Rs. 160/-   Himal Chand
  • Migrant Labour and Trade Union Movement, 2002, pp. 177, Rs 295/-   Krishan Chand
  • Indian Diaspora: Migration and Development with Focus on the State of Punjab, 2012, pp. 238, Rs. 495/-   P.S. Sahai, Krishan Chand and Pawan Kumar, Eds.

Planning and Development

  • North-East Region: Problems & Prospects of Development (Ed.), (Hard bound), 1984, pp. 361, Rs.160/-  B.L. Abbi
  • On Aspects of Planned Development, 1985, pp. 95, (Paper bound) Rs. 25/-   K.S. Shelvankar, Y.K. Alagh, A.M. Khusro, G.S. Bhalla and D.D. Narula
  • Punjab Development Report, 2002, pp. 617, (FULLTEXT) CRRID faculty, Planning Commission, New Delhi
  • Himachal Pradesh Development Report, 2004, pp. 587 CRRID faculty, Planning Commission, New Delhi
  • The Vitality of India, 2004, pp.366, Rs.795/-   Gopal Krishan, ed.
  • Contributions in Remembrance Homeage to P N Haskar: Reminiscences and Haksar Memorial Lectures, Haksar Memorial Volume II, 2004, pp.298, Rs.1,345/-   Subrata Banerjee, ed.
  • Nehruvian Economic Philosophy and its Contemporary Relevance, 2014, pp.295, Rs.495/- Ranjit Singh Ghuman and Indervir Singh, Eds.

Politics and communalism

  • Many Faces of Communalism, 1985, pp. 78, Rs. 20/-   Khushwant Singh and Bipan Chandra
  • Political Parties and Growth of Communalism in Punjab (1920-47), 1989, pp. 67, Rs. 30/-   S.S. Bal
  • In Search of India's Renaissance, Volume I, 1990, pp. 244, Rs. 175/-   Transactions of national seminar
  • In Search of India's Renaissance, Volume II, 1992, pp. 806, Rs. 345/-   Transactions of national seminar
  • Indian Constitution : A Review, 2002, pp 219, Rs.295/-   R.N. Pal

Population and Demography

  • Khasi World-View : A Conceptual Exploration, 1985, pp. 85, Rs. 60/-   Sujata Miri
  • Population Research Centres in India: An Annotated Bibliography and Abstracts of Research (1960-86), 1988, pp. 596, Rs. 300/-   B.L. Abbi, Deepika Puri, Indel Singh Rathor, Prabhjot Malhi and Vishalini Vimal
  • Promotion of Small Family Norms through Innovative Methods, 1997, pp. 198, Rs. 280/-   Kuldip Kaur and B.K. Pattanaik
  • Population Research Centres in India: An Annotated Bibliography and Abstracts of Research (1987-94), 1997, pp. 353, Rs. 310/-   B.L Abbi, Aswini Kumar Nanda, Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal and Harneet Sandhu
  • Operations Research on Spacing Methods: A Study of Operational Efficiency of Family Planning Programme in Rupnagar District, Punjab, 2000, pp. 235, Rs. 295/-  B.L. Abbi, A.K.Nanda, Prabhjot Malhi, Rajesh K. Aggarwal, Sukhwinder Singh and Samidha Khurana
  • Population Research Centres in India: An Annotated Bibliography and Abstracts of Research (1994-2001), 2004, pp. 569, Rs. 595/-  Gopal Krishan, Pawan Kumar Sharma, Komila Parthi, Monica Munjial, Poonam Kaushik and Neetu Gaur
  • Population Research Centres in India: An Annotated Bibliography and Abstracts of Research (2001-2007), 2010, pp. 654, Rs. 750/- (FULLTEXT)  Gopal Krishan, Pawan Kumar Sharma and Manisha Bhatia

Poverty and Human Rights

  • Changing Profile of Rural India & Human Rights of Agrarian Poor, 1992, pp. 113, (Hard bound) Rs. 125/-, (paperbound) Rs. 90/-   A.R. Desai
  • Chandigarh Slums: issues of Poverty and Human Rights, 2010, pp. 279, Rs.450/- Bindu Duggal

PRIs and Rural Development

  • Punjab Panchayati Raj Act 1994, 1995, pp.178, Rs. 125/-   Punjabi translation
  • Development and Changing Status of Scheduled Castes: A Study of Ambedkar & Non- Ambedkar Villages in Uttar Pradesh, 2000, pp. 100, Rs. 195/-   Kuldip Kaur and B.K. Pattanaik
  • Rural Reproductive and Community Health Care; An Inter-religion and Inter-caste Analysis, 2005, pp.159, Rs.395 /-  Kuldip Kaur
  • Rural Local Self Government in India: Some Developmental Experiences, 2013, pp.260, Rs.600 /-   Ranjit Singh Ghuman and Sukhvinder Singh, Eds.

Public Finance

  • Fiscal Reforms and Sub-national Governments: Reflections from State Studies, 2014, pp.254, Rs.500/-
  • Surinder Kumar and Kulwant Singh, Eds.

Science and Environment

  • Technology for Development: Perspective on Northern India (Ed.), (Volume I), 1990, pp. 255, Rs. 199/-   S.B. Rangnekar and Rashpal Malhotra
  • Sustainable Environment and the role of Clean Coal Energy, 2014, Rs. 650/- S.K. Mangal and Sanjay Gupta, Eds.

South and central Asia

  • Problems of Living in Nuclear Age, 1985, pp.126, (Hard bound: Rs.130/-) (Paper bound; Rs 30/-)   K. Subrahmanyam, M. Zuberi and Raja Ramanna
  • India and Its Neighbours, 1989, pp. 99, Rs. 50/-   M.K. Rasgotra and K.S. Bajpai
  • India-Bangladesh Strengthening the Partnership, 2005, pp.216, Rs.450/-  Salman Haider
  • Challenges for Nation Building in a World in Turmoil, Haksar Memorial Volume III, 2006, pp.486, Rs.795/-  Subrata Banerjee, ed.
  • Peace and Development, Haksar Memorial Volume IV, 2007, pp.483, Rs.795/-  Subrata Banerjee, ed.
  • India-Eurasia: the Way Ahead, with Special Focus on the Caucasus, 2008, pp.273, Rs.570/-  Paramjit Singh Sahai, ed.
  • Cooperative Development, Peace and Security in South Asia, 2009, pp.144, Rs.360/-  Neetu Gaur and Vijay Laxmi, Eds.
  • South & Central Asia: Issues of Peace and Development, 2009, pp.162, Rs.430/-  Neetu Gaur and Vijay Laxmi, eds.
  • Economic Cooperation and Infrastructural Linkages Between Two Punjabs: Way Ahead, 2010, pp.155, Rs.420/-  Sucha Singh Gill and others
  • Women Guiding the Destiny of South Asia, 2010, pp.138, Rs.450/-  Paramjit Singh Sahai and Vijay Laxmi, eds.
  • Perspectives on Bilateral and Regional Cooperation: South and Central Asia, 2013, pp.484, Rs.900/-  Rashpal Malhotra, Sucha Singh Gill and Neetu Gaur, Eds.
  • South and Central Asia: Quest for Peace and Cooperation, 2013, pp.256, Rs.495/-   Rashpal Malhotra, P.L. Dash, Sucha Singh Gill and Murat M. Bakhadirov, Eds.
  • Leveraging Economic growth for Collective Prosperity in South Asia, 2013, pp.274, Rs.500/-   Rashpal Malhotra, Sucha Singh Gill and Neetu Gaur, Eds.
  • Central Asia and its Neighbours: prospects of India's Cooperation, 2014, pp.308, Rs.500/-   Rashpal Malhotra, Sucha Singh Gill and Davinder K. Madaan, Eds.

Training Manuals Published

  • Manual for Capacity Building of Local Self Government Institutions in Punjab (FULLTEXT)
  • Manual for Capacity Building of Local Self Government Institutions in Punjab (Punjabi) (FULLTEXT)
  • Management Practices in Local Self Government Institutions in selected European Union Countries and Progressive Indian States (FULLTEXT)
  • Key Paper on Urban Local Self-Government Institutions in Punjab (FULLTEXT)
  • Key Paper on Rural Local Self-Government Institutions in Punjab (FULLTEXT)

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